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BexBengals Dreamcatcher - AKA 'Naira'

Introducing Naira our homebred girl from Cartercats Banshee of Bexbengals and Queenanne Battlestar Galacticat.


We kept Naira primarily for her Beautiful large eyes.


Naira (Native American for big eyes) has her fathers beautiful cool biscuity background and shows signs of whited expression. Naira has a gorgeous straighter profile and wonderful eye boning which makes her large eyes sit forward on her face, this is something we are currently very much breeding for.

She is a very sweet gentle loving girl and proving to be a very nurturing Mum to her kittens.


Possible carrier of SLP, Dilute and Non agouti.




PRA-B RESULTS-Tested N/N at UC DAVIS- The Veterinary Genetics Laboratory.

HCM-Normal on 12/2/2016- Langford Veterinary Services.


To view Naira's full 4 generation Pedigree click below to enlarge...

IMG_4481 IMG_4501 naira ped IMG_4509